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US Navy and Lockheed Martin

ProjectData Analysis and Visualization System
CustomerU.S. Navy and Lockheed Martin
ProblemThe volume of flight test data that needed analysis exceeded the current time available. Approximately 4 hours of test data was generated daily, and the current system required 36 hours to analyze all of that data. A three-month test cycle was already in progress and they were falling farther behind by the day. We were asked to design, build, install, test and integrate a new system with the existing system as quickly as possible.
SolutionWithin 3 days, Delta Square analyzed the requirements, designed a new custom solution and provided competitive quotations for customer review. We received the first order from Lockheed two weeks later and delivered their systems less than two weeks after that. Our engineers installed and tested the new solution in two days, including integrating it with existing hardware and software. Two months later, the Navy ordered their system and took delivery just as quickly.
ResultThat daily 4 hours of test data can now be analyzed in less than 2.4 hours, putting the program back on schedule before the end of the test cycle.