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Buffalo News

ProjectStorage and Backup System Design and Implementation
CustomerThe Buffalo News
ProblemCurrent storage and backup solution reaching end-of-life and network backups become unfeasible due to data growth and backup window constraints.  Customer also needed realtime access to previous seven days of backup images, increased performance from storage array, and compatibility with both Windows and Linux servers.
SolutionDelta Square designed and implemented a new storage and backup solution which offloaded the backup traffic from the network to a direct fibre link with improved backup software and fibre channel tape drives.  Daily backup images were created on disk with copy-on-write snapshot technologies that provide instant access to past days data with little disk overhead.  Increased disk performance was realized though intelligent disk layout, LUN and controller assignments, and superior caching abilities of the new array.
ResultA fully redundant fibre network serving both Windows and Linux servers connected to a storage array for both data access and backup.  Backup to tape timings went from about 12Mb/s to 80Mb/s and the need to go to tape was reduced from daily to weekly with the use of the copy-on-write snapshots.  This shows an increased backup performance of almost 4700%, and has the ability to restore instantly any of the previous seven days worth of data.  The new solution should easily sustain the customer for 7-10 years and show a significant ROI in tape cost savings, system uptime reliability, and easy of management.