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Server Configuration & Install

Unlike many of our competitors, Delta Square is not a simple drop-ship company.  Our skilled engineers can pre-configure servers to your specifications and ensure the latest software and firmware patches are applied.  From disk layout and raid configuration to PCI card installation and kernel tuning, in our lab or yours, your new servers will work they way you expect them to on delivery.  See below for a partial list of custom configurations Delta Square can perform for your next server purchase!

  • Raid Configuration
  • Disk Layout and Filesystem setup
  • HBA installation
  • NIC installation
  • Graphics Cards and multi-head configurations
  • Network Configuration
  • Kernel Parameter Tuning
  • Firmware updates
  • Current Patchset installation
  • Bootloader configs
  • Volume Management Software install (Veritas)
  • Common App Installs (Apache, Tomcat, Oracle)
  • Memory, CPU, and Disk workouts