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SAN & NAS Design

In the past, IT departments used direct attached storage methods such as stand alone hard disks, RAID arrays, and tape and optical media connecting a single storage host to a single resource, such as a server or a workstation through an I/O bus. These methods present a wide range of concerns, including cost of ownership, scalability and manageability issues.  To address these issues, most IT infrastructures are now being built on Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions.  Sharing storage resources among many systems and users can significantly reduce ownership costs, provide faster data retrieval, and ease manageability.  Delta Square has a vast amount of experience in designing and implementing SAN and NAS solutions.  Whether it is your first foray into networked storage technologies or if you already have an existing large storage environment, please review our range of storage services below and call Delta Square today!

  • Maximize Data Retrieval Times
  • Fabric Configuration (Masking, Zoning, etc)
  • Disk/Lun layout optimization
  • Raid Configurations
  • NAS Clustering
  • Switch Install and Config
  • I/O Multipathing Setup
  • Data Mirroring
  • Off Host Backups
  • Storage Allocation
  • NFS and CIFS Setups
  • Data Migrations