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High Availability

IT Infrastructure has become a mission-critical asset and providing highly available services to both corporate users and customers has likewise become increasingly important.  Unreachable services and resources will almost certainly result in a loss of revenue for your business, and often times results in what we like to jokingly call a RGE (Resume Generating Event).  All jest aside, Delta Square is committed to delivering High Availability solutions based on best practices and industry leading software.  While most Delta Square hardware products, from storage arrays to servers, have certain levels of redundancy built in, for true High Availability and Disaster Recovery implementations we offer the full line of Symantec/Veritas software solutions. 

Our engineers are skilled HA/DR implementors and can design and configure solutions for clustered servers, remote replication to DR sites, clustered file systems for parallelized applications, and intelligent workload management.  We can implement across a variety of OS platforms including Solaris, AIX, Linux, HP-UX, VMware, and Windows.  Contact us today to find out how to improve service availability in your data center, and we can help you avoid a RGE in the future.