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Imprivata Single Sign-On

Today, clinicians need to access from multiple applications -they can easily access five to seven applications to acquire ALL the information they need for a patient at the point of care - without impacting data security. To do this, they have to manage four to nine complex passwords that change on a regular basis. Constant entry and re-entry of user credentials and searching for patient data takes time away from care giving. Opening a single application, finding a patient, and navigating to their health information can take upwards of two to  four minutes—and that is just for one application. To find all relevant information for a given patient, this process may need to be repeated four to six additional times for a minimum login and search time upwards of 10 to 20 minutes per patient encounter.

Healthcare Case Studies

Imprivata is one of the fastest growing companies in authentication and access management with over 700 customers, 250+ in the healthcare industry.

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In dynamic healthcare environments, where time is a critical factor in delivering better patient outcomes, password management and losing the time it takes to access workstations, applications, and patient data is extremely frustrating and disruptive to clinical workflows. Clinicians need single sign-on for healthcare to minimize the direct implications to patient satisfaction, and ultimately, the profitability and health of the organization:

  • User satisfaction and productivity suffers – consumes, on average, 30% of caregivers’ time impacting time spent with patients
  • Liability – 80% of patient encounters lack important patient information
  • Non-Compliance - users share passwords which puts patient privacy at risk – especially HIPAA compliance in a healthcare environment

Fast Access To Patient Health Information

Imprivata OneSign addresses the clinician’s patient healthcare access management challenges. It enables fast access to workstations and applications for authenticated users, which eliminates password management headaches & increases staff satisfaction.

With Imprivata OneSign, users don’t get slowed down at the point of patient information access. Implementing user authentication devices proven for identity management healthcare, Imprivata OneSign speeds secure access to the workstation - - and once on, extends the convenience of application single sign-on. No more passwords to manage, no more constant entry and re-entry of user credentials at the point of patient care, allowing more time with patients. With Imprivata OneSign, healthcare organizations can:

  • Speed up log-on with just a touch of a fingerprint or ID badge
  • Single sign-on/sign-off for all applications including ALL clinical applications, including Cerner, Epic, Healthland,McKesson, Meditech, and Siemens Medical and more.
  • Roam Citrix applications for users moving between workstations
  • Positively identify caregiver at the workstation, application and transaction-level (e.g., validate ID at the point of drug disbursement)

Make Security Management Painless While Protecting Patient Data
Imprivata OneSign ensures access to the workstation and patient health information is secure. As clinicians move from different points of care and transition back and forth on shared workstations, Imprivata OneSign makes security painless by adapting security to the workflow needs of the user. With Imprivata OneSign, healthcare organizations can:

  • Strengthen security to patient information for assured HIPAA compliance
  • Improve clinician workflow for better patient care and more satisfied staff
  • Experience simplified reporting on all user access activities for easier HIPAA compliance

Benefits to Physicians, Nurses and Clinicians:

  • No more password headaches
  • Streamlined workflows for faster patient care, including:
    • Quick switching between shared workstations
    • Automatic locking for unattended workstations
    • FastPass™ logon grace period so that user names are not needed throughout the day and staff can just place a finger or tap a card to access and use any authorized workstation
  • No need to be concerned about security or possible HIPAA violations – just focus on the patient needs

Benefits to IT:

  • No more clinician complaints of being locked out of applications, or for password resets
  • Reduced IT Helpdesk operating costs
  • Password Policy enablement from one location including the ability to easily enable role-based access
  • Freed up helpdesk resources to focus on other priorities
  • Easy to access and run HIPAA compliance reports from within the OneSign Platform eliminating manual searches for who accessed what, when, and how with automated, one-button reporting
  • Ability to rollout, manage and support multiple forms of strong authentication to ease user workflow efforts
  • Visibility into actual application usage has allowed customers to restructure application license and support licensing costs by 5%