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Aerohive Wireless Access Points

Aerohive Networks has introduced an innovative new class of wireless infrastructure equipment called a Cooperative Control Access Point (CC-AP). A CC-AP combines an enterprise-class access point with a suite of cooperative control protocols and functions to provide all of the benefits of a controller-based wireless LAN solution, but without requiring a controller or an overlay network. Aerohive Networks implementation of a CC-AP is called a HiveAP.

This cooperative control functionality enables multiple HiveAPs to be organized into groups, or "hives," that share control information between HiveAPs to enable functions like fast layer 2/layer 3 roaming, cooperative RF management, security and mesh networking. This capability enables a next generation wireless LAN architecture, called a cooperative control wireless LAN Architecture, that provides all of the benefits of a controller-based architecture, but is easier to deploy and expand, lower cost, more reliable, more scalable, more ubiquitously deployable, higher performing and more suitable for voice over wireless LAN than today's controller-based architectures.

Benefits of Cooperative Control Wireless LAN:

  • Controller-less Managment, Mobility, and Security
  • Lower Cost - No Controller Cost or Complexity
  • Simpler to Deploy and Expand
  • Cleaner Network Integration and Easier Upgrade from FAT-APs
  • Flexible Identity-based Policy Enforcement at the Edge
  • Whole Enterprise Deployment
  • High Availability and Mesh Redundency
  • Scalable Latency Optimized Performance to 802.11n
  • Optimized for Voice over Wireless LAN

Healthcare Case Studies

Riverside Health Care Systems is always on the lookout for to state-of-the-art medical technology to increase the productivity of its staff and to continually improve the quality of patient care. A wireless LAN would enable a broad range of new applications to exactly fit those goals.

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Complete HealthCare Resources, a leading long-term care provider, selected Aerohive's Cooperative Control wireless LAN solution for its facilities due to its ease of installation, manageability, and flexibility.

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