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Featured Healthcare Solution

Server and Desktop Virtualization

  • Reduce Healthcare IT costs and improve flexibility with server consolidation and desktop centralization
  • Improve caregiver flexibility and mobility with a desktop that can be accessed anywhere, anytime using multiple devices.
  • Accelerate the migration and adoption of an Electronic Health Records or Electronic Medical Records system (EHR/EMR)

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Solutions For Healthcare

Delta Square understands that healthcare organizations face unique challenges in balancing the cost of technology while improving quality of care. 

The growing nursing shortage, concerns about patient privacy, and the increasing need for health related services as the Baby Boomer generation continues to age will compound these challenges in the years ahead. 

Based on the above concerns of our healthcare clients, Delta Square has focused on expertise in technology solutions designed to help caregivers become more productive, provide better quality of care, and ensure the security of patient information; while reducing capital and operational expenses. 

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