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The Delta Square Methodology

For the person who's only tool is the hammer, all the world looks like a nail.

Unfortunately, many technology providers use the "hammer" approach to provide technology solutions, by trying to fit problems to their products.  Equally upsetting is the fact that many customers don't realize that they encourage this type of behavior by sending out RFPs that essentially ask, "What is your hammer?" 

The Delta Square Methodology is aimed at avoiding this type of problem fitting by examining the full environment, identifying requirements, and finding solutions to problems, not just a product that might fit the problem.  Our broad range of vendor partnerships allows us the flexibility to find true solutions to problems customers are facing, and we are always open to making new partnerships to ensure our clients needs are met.

The Delta Square Methodology is a three-phase process -

    1.   Discovery

  • Analyze your current technology
  • Determine your requirements

    2.   Design

  • Build an infrastructure to last 3-5 years
  • Design should be end-to-end hardware/software/network

    3. Test and Implementation

  • Implement and test environment to ensure requirements are met
  • Documentation
  • Training

While this methodology seems simple, it is a powerful tool that helps ensure an overall systems approach that minimizes the long term costs to customers. 

The Discovery and Design phases are typically iterated multiple times as we learn more about your environment, needs, and possible new discoveries made that could have an impact on the long term viability of a solution.  This results in a refinement of the design and a solution or roadmap that will meet all your needs while maximizing your ROI, and minimizing time-to-results and long term cost.